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Our Vision For Equity 

At the core of The Social Impact Artists' work are the fundamental truths that Black Lives Matter and that our shared fight against racism, injustice, and inequality is inextricably linked to healthier, more powerful communities. These social ills are present in every system within our society. SIA is committed to doing everything we can to ending racism and discrimination in our community and in America. We stand against any kind of brutality, including police brutality, and we thank those who have shown tremendous courage in America's often racist and prejudiced system and culture that has treated Black Americans and marginalized communities as enemies. We stand with companies like Ben & Jerry's for their courage and leadership and join them in calling on the US Department of Justice to reinvigorate its Civil Rights Division, and for Congress to pass H.R. 40, and create a commission to study the effects of discrimination since African slaves first arrived in North America in 1619. 


SIA commits to doing our work on a daily basis to be part of the solution that brings remedies and reparations to heal the wounds and inequities of slavery, racism, discrimination, and white supremacy that plague our nation. We ask our team, partners, and collaborators to show the courage to stand in communion and action against racial injustice, gender discrimination, climate change, and refugee rights. This statement is just the beginning of the work we will undertake. We hope that our partners will stand in solidarity with us.


SJPF Celebrating Community Power Convening Final
Intersections Initiative -  Anaheim Ca.
Intersections Initiative - High Desert Ca.
Intersections Initiative - Nappa Ca.
Intersections Initiative - San Juan Ca.
Intersections Initiative - Eureka Ca.
Intersections Initiative - Sonoma Ca.
Intersections Initiative - Central OC Ca.


Together, we can make our world better.

The Social Impact Artists help mission-based organizations create a world where all people are happier, connected, whole and powerful. We focus on positive transformation of local communities and the world through the development of strategic health and social impact strategies.This includes digital storytelling,

proposal writing, social media-based fundraising and the development of positive community-based health equity strategies. 


We understand that social change is complex. We simplify social complexities through film, visual design, digital content, the development of health strategies, and narrative storytelling. We believe the world is hungry for positive, meaningful change. Let us help you tell your story! Together, we can make our world better.

DIGITAL Storytelling

Short Film production (under 30 minutes)

Full HD film production

Film editing 

Color correction



Graphic design

Drone filming

Product spotlights

Social media short films

Corporate reels 

Full length documentaries




Health Equity + Development Strategies:

Community engagement & outreach

 Network weaving (stakeholder engagement)

Nonprofit proposal writing


Annual reports + strategic plans

Creation of video & crowdfunding content

Social media-based fundraising

Community-based strategic planning

Strategic planning services for health equity + community impact & cross-sectoral impact 


Research & Experience/Impact Design

Information architecture

User Interface/user-centered design

Social impact research - Usability testing

Rapid prototyping - Ethnography

Interaction design - Analytics

Human computer interaction

Google analytics - Paper prototyping

Persona development - Web analytics

Information design - Mobile design

Usability engineering - Wire framing

User scenarios- Focus groups

Taxonomy design- Content strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO)



Christy Cornwall, MPH, CHES Director- Community Health Investment Orange County Region & Mission Hospital PSJH

SIA did a great job in creating an impactful video/story for our collective equity work!!

Outdoor Study Group

Sandra Viera  Associate Program Director, Prevention Institute

"SIA's videos are beautiful both in the visuals and also in the stories being reflected. We’re so excited that they will be available to the communities to share their stories and work. And of course, available to the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund and Prevention Institute] to showcase our Intersections Initiative's important approach to community transformation."

Alex Fajardo,
Executive Director, El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center

"Evette de Luca and her team are experts on grant writing services. In all respects, including writing, knowledge, expertise in guiding the grant writing process from an early stage to completion, and evaluation and program planning, which brings commitment to her clients' success. Evette and her team will be an ideal partner in the process of grant writing."

 Angelica Baltazar,
Executive Director, San Antonio Regional Hospital Healthy Communities Institute

"Evette De Luca does wonderful work and I'm blessed to be able to work with her!"


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