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Dance. Inspire. Build.

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COMING SOON! - Zúm Up! provides free community dance, physical activity and health leadership in fun, easy, and enjoyable ways to contribute to daily resident health, build and participate in community, and to create beneficial habits that improve quality of life for more than 12,000 Ontario residents annually. We offer 24 free classes per week and have created jobs for 10 dynamic women, but the demand is high and our goal is to offer these classes to as many people as possible to address the growing obesity and diabetes rates in San Bernardino County.

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES: Zúm Up! creates high paying opportunities for Ontario residents who are Zumba(c) ZIN members, trained in health leadership, dance techniques and health assessment modalities. The Social Impact Artists-SIA partners with Healthy Ontario by recruiting, certifying, training and securing funding to pay leaders $30-35 per hour to serve as healthy lifestyle coaches who provide free community dance classes and nutrition education at any appropriate space: community centers, medical clinics, schools, colleges, faith-based organizations, gyms, apartment complexes and hospitals. Kaiser Permanente, the City of Ontario Community Services and Recreation Department, the Department of Public Health and the YMCA are core partners and investors in this model. We need you! You can invest to bring this free intervention to more people and that also creates quality jobs in San Bernardino County. Help sustain this movement that is transforming lives for the better! Donate now!


Zūm Up! delivers significant health improvements:

  • Increased income for residents who previously worked lower wage jobs

  • Increased % of adults and children who engage in regular physical activity

  • Weight loss (average of 8 - 15 pounds)

  • Mood improvements: increased joy, decreased anxiety and depression

  • BMI reduction

  • Increased mobility and body strength

  • Increased community support and cohesion

  • Increased community leadership and happiness


Zūm Up! Videos

Zūm Up! Videos

Zūm Up! Videos
Zūm Up! Community Members

Zūm Up! Community Members

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Zūm Up! Dance With Me Baby!

Zūm Up! Dance With Me Baby!

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The Ontario Heal Zone

The Ontario Heal Zone

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The Power of Zúm Up! People's lives are transformed: Resident health coaches and community are positively improving themselves, their bodies, their spirits and their minds. These changes include improvements in glucose levels, improved mobility, weight loss, a sense of fulfillment and confidence, improvements in depression and becoming role models for their children and grandchildren. Watch the stories of life transformation above and feel inspired!



Zūm Up! is not only building stronger communities, it is also building stronger bodies! Zūm Up! instructors are also licensed Plate Nutrition Health Coaches and bring free, whole foods health and nutrition education to the participants of our classes as well as their families. Participants learn how real, local food acts as medicine and how eating nutrient dense food can improve chronic disease, result in lean, healthy bodies and improve mood status. Bottom line--Zūm Up! Happiness and increased energy are achievable when people are in good physical health. Plate provides the tools to make healthier choices.


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